Panama City is found in Florida along the Panhandle coast. The Panhandle is an extension of Florida to the northwestern part of the State and it stretches along the Gulf Coast. The area is sparsely populated and isn’t as developed as the other parts of Florida State.

The climatic conditions here are characterized by hot summers and mild winters. Spring and fall also bring some conducive weather conditions especially to the beaches which have white sand and warm swallow waters. However, the area records very low tourist numbers despite its numerous attractions.

Panama City is bordered by Orlando, 350 miles to the southeast and New Orleans, 350 to the west. It is served by an airport that is rather small and commuter flights have limited access to it.

The city has one of the finest beaches that Florida has to offer, the Panama City Beach. It stretches for more than 20 miles from west end of the city and along the Mexico Gulf. The beaches are famous for their “sugar sand” as commonly referred by the natives, and the beautiful green waters. The area has been nicknamed “the Emerald Coast”. Moreover, many travel authorities have categorized the Panama City beaches among the world’s finest beaches.

Panama City Beach is found in what many consider to be an isolated location as compared to other tourist attractions of Florida. As such, many tourists seam to give the beach a wide berth when opting for various vacation destinations. For the few that travel here, they can find very affordable accommodation facilities on the beaches, including hotels, motels and condominiums. However, more facilities are being constructed along the beach, and this might be an indication that people have started to discover the great treasure of the Panama City Beach.

Towards the eastern tip of the beach, one comes across the Saint Andrew Park. The park covers an area of approximately 1260 acres, and has features like wetlands, forests and coastal dunes, not forgetting the vast free-lying island. Entry into this park is charged a small fee of $2 and $4 per person and per car respectively. Among the activities that visitors get to enjoy in the park include camping, swimming, fishing, hiking and boating. Moreover, while at the park, one can take a shuttle to the Shell Island that is found nearby at a relatively modest fare.

For those people intending to visit Panama City, then the best time to do so is between May and October. Winters are rather chilly and some outdoor activities like swimming and sunbathing might not be enjoyable. However, golfing, biking, tennis among other activities are still fine to go for. For young tourists and those who want to reconnect with their youthful side, then mid March to Mid April is the best time to visit. This is a Spring Break period and many college students from all corners of US flock to the Panama City Beach for revelries. However, accommodation rates usually hike during this time due to the high influx of students.