You want to start eating healthy, but you don’t know how to get the ball rolling. Here are some of my super simple tips to change your eating habits without breaking the bank!

Keep it simple!

One of the hardest parts of getting fit is eating healthy. Why make it harder on yourself by trying a bunch of crazy recipes that you have to spend hours cooking daily?

Some of the most successful exercise gurus will tell you that they stick with the same meals and rotate them on a regular basis. Eggs with salsa & turkey bacon, salad with shrimp & avocado, and chicken with steamed veggies are all meals I eat quite often. I usually use the same ingredients in multiple dishes.

Which leads me to my next point…

Keep down the cost!

Eating healthy can be expensive. Don’t let the cost turn you away from a healthier lifestyle. For example, I like to buy one or two rotisserie chickens and use them in different dishes throughout the week. I can make chicken breast and baked sweet potatoes on Monday, these delicious Lettuce Boat Tacos on Tues, throw some chicken on a leafy green salad on Wed, etc. If your family isn’t large or you just need them to last a while, the foods I buy for cheap and in bulk can usually be frozen. The idea for me is to make things as easy and inexpensive for our family as possible.

Always have a replacement!

What I mean by this is when you remove a food from your diet always have a healthy option to replace it with. This way, you aren’t ever fully missing a food and you are less likely to relapse due to a craving.

As a few examples, I replaced milk with almond milk, sour cream with greek yogurt, home-style pancakes (my husband’s favorite) were replaced by some delicious banana pancakes and I even make my own coffee creamer. That way, even if we’re craving something “bad,” I have a fall back.

AND I know the title only said THREE, but I’ll throw in a fourth tip for free 

Don’t stress yourself out!

In today’s world of Pinterest perfect and those online know-it-alls, it can be hard to try to measure up to your (or other’s) expectations. Stress will hurt you in the long run. Unless you are doing something on a time limit, like the 21 Day Fix, you don’t have to eat perfect ALL the time. Every once in awhile, have that dessert to celebrate a birthday or drink that sugary cocktail and enjoy being out with friends. It’s all about moderation. Just don’t over do it.

These are some of the tips that work best for me… If you have any questions or other tips you would like to add, please leave it in the comments below!