Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DAY 19—Breakfast with Champions

This morning we had Liam’s portfolio breakfast at school. 
It’s a fun event where parents have the chance to view their child's progress by looking back at all of their work from September through June. 

I don't know about you, but these events have been known to make me nervous and just a little on edge, and I am sad to say that I find myself getting sucked into the negative sometimes. I am always worried about what Liam SHOULD be doing, how far behind he is, what tactics to use to get him on track and keep him there. {Which honestly, I am not going to apologize for because these thoughts, while not super positive, are necessary when your child is trending behind the rest of his first grade peers.}

But today, he pulled out papers from as early as last fall and as recently as last week—and I was shocked at the difference. The improvement was totally mind-blowing! Perspective is so important and I lose sight of it when I get myself stuck in a tree, unable to see the forest blooming around me. Once I let myself see experience what this day was intended for, I let go a little and looked at every piece of work in his portfolio. I shrugged off the anxious feeling I had walking in and simply enjoyed being there with my proud almost-2nd-grader! 

And I felt the difference that slight shift made… Liam was beaming and Connor was in full congratulation mode, complementing every item with a “Wow, good job Liam!” And suddenly it was fun, like really fun—of course that may be because we were eating Oreos at 8:30AM, ha! 

But seriously, I was able to appreciate the incredible progress he has made this year without worrying about what it meant, how it would effect his IEP and whether or not we were meeting milestones, because you know what? Recognizing his achievements felt like the best milestone yet!

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