Tuesday, June 7, 2016

DAY 18—MOM-ster

I was pretty terrifying!!
This is just a quickie for today…

There was a fast-moving, soaking, torrential downpour earlier today—and it happened to take place at the exact same moment as Connor’s preschool pick up.

And of course the driving conditions were horrible so I ended up being parked the furthest away from the school entrance—without an umbrella {of course!}

I ran to the school and was instantly wet through every layer… I got Connor and cradled him as I flew at top speed, leaping over puddles {not to brag but I am pretty sure I looked like an Olympic sprinter—in my head at least that’s what I looked like as I raced elegantly} to the car!

Then, as I was buckling the boy in the car seat {I know they need to be safe but OMG the buckles!!} He starts screaming hysterically and crying, saying “Mommy you are turning into a monster!! Where is my mommy? Who are you?” I kept saying what you are talking about {meanwhile I could wring out my shirt and my sneakers as the rain was pouring down my back while I fumbled with buckles…} Finally finished, I shut the door on the wailing kid and jumped into the front seat where I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror—I had mascara EVERYWHERE and crazy zombie eyes!!!

He cried the whole way home… Here is my mommy? You are a monster! Over and over... We pulled into the driveway and he ran inside demanding to see a mirror—because he was convinced that he would see black around his eyes, because the storm was turning us BOTH into monsters!

Once I washed my face—I was greeted with sweet smile, a hug, “Mommy you’re back!” 

You can never underestimate the power of imagination—it can create such beauty and such fear. 

My only worry now is whether or not he will have nightmares! Looking at that picture, I just might!

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