Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DAY 15—Brighten Your Day

Bright Lip
It’s the little things…

This is going to sound really silly but I really feel like a change…. I desperately need a makeover. I need someone to just tell me what to do with my makeup, how to style my hair, what to wear…. I really need the full work up. 

So I texted my good friend, who happens to be a gifted designer and makeup artist, and said what can I do to feel better about how I look? She said a brighter lip color always makes her feel better. I read that and smiled because she looks amazing in any color, style, trend…. whereas I look like a clown that’s trying too hard when I try anything beyond under eye concealer and mascara.

But with my motivation at an all time low, I thought why not! So I put on this pink shade and looked in the mirror…. and this was my thought pattern: who buys this shade, this is bright, I look nuts, I should take it off, why does bright pink look oddly fuchsia on me, is fuchsia still trending?, I am totally disconnected, I need to do a trend search, huh I am starting to like it, I will try it, I shouldn’t leave looking like this, I am doing it, I look great, somewhat sweaty but great, well I look fine, fine enough, OK it stays.

And after all that self-doubt and crazy talk. I found I have a spring my step! So, I sat down to write this—hello motivation! Dipping my toe out of my comfort zone has some great benefits, maybe tomorrow I’ll do something wild like wear my hair down! 

Whew I have to control myself, I just got pretty carried away…

My point—something unexpected can bring an element of fun to your day, so remember to treat yourself even if it’s only to a little pop of color!

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