Friday, May 13, 2016

DAY 9—Friday the 13th

Many people look at today’s date as totally freaky—and honestly if you were around my kids today, you would definitely agree—but I love today because it’s my mom’s birthday!

She was born on a Friday the 13th and my dad was born on Halloween—pretty perfect, right? I only got to see her for a couple of minutes today, but it was so great. Since we moved, I get these fabulous little moments all the time now—and all of these little moments still feel special even after a year and a half of experiencing it every day.

I have always known my mom to be a giving, wonderful woman, but since moving back here, I have come to see and appreciate it so much more because I am seeing her actions through different eyes. She was there for my brother and I as we were growing up and now today as we continue to grow, but she is also there for my children—and in some ways I am even more grateful for that. If there is an event at Connor’s preschool, she is there, when Liam is performing or just having have baseball practice, she is there. Just the other day Connor was sad that I was taking him to school and not Grammy!

Her support is unwavering and her determination is contagious. She is strong, and soft. Compassionate and courageous. Spontaneous and smart. The kind of lady who surprises you with chocolate chip pancakes for Sunday brunch just because. She makes everyday things more exciting, after all isn’t a Grammy’s job?

So happy birthday to my mom—the fun, fearless, funny glue that holds us all together. We love you!

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