Sunday, May 8, 2016


Art by Liam
It’s time to celebrate all of the moms in our lives! 

At every stage of motherhood comes challenges, from 2AM newborn feedings to 2AM potty runs to 2AM nightmares to 2AM homework struggles to 2AM missed curfews. Once children enter your life, your life is no longer your own. 

And it’s how we rise to those occasions that define us as parents. I wish I could say I always greet every trial with grace and humility but that would be a total lie. In fact, I may have just yelled rather loudly about strawberries—crazy, right? But it’s the truth. Motherhood is not usually pretty, but it is real, it is beautiful and it is all around us. 

So lean back from your breakfast in bed as I take a moment to thank all of the moms that make my children’s lives richer:
To the grandmothers who love them unconditionally, who help us care and clothe these wild animals—thank you.
To the aunties who love our two kids like their own, who wipe noses and kiss boo boos—thank you.
To their teachers who nurture their minds and their hearts each day—thank you.
To their coaches who challenge them, cheer them and humor them—thank you.
To all the other moms, for helping with playdates, carpools, emergencies and "last minutes"—thank you.
Connor said it best, he told me that all of these people are our family. And he’s right, it absolutely takes a village, but this group looks much more like one big family to us.

And last, but not least, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. She fought tirelessly for my brother and I, taught us that everyone was worthy, encouraged our creativity and independence and above all loved us fiercely. 
For all of that I am grateful—and humbled by it. 

To all "moms" out there:
May you all be showered with hugs and homemade cards, affection and confections, early bedtimes and restful nights. 
And may you take a moment for yourself—go to yoga, write in a journal, get your nails done, talk a walk, have a glass of wine or even check Facebook in the bathroom! 
And have a very happy Mother's Day!

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