Saturday, May 7, 2016

DAY 3—It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, It’s Lovely

Tonight's Movie Night Pick!!
It has been raining for days, and days and days here… 
To be honest, I hate it. I know no one really likes it, but I really hate it, it makes everyone grumpy, irritable {or maybe it’s just my family, ha!} and puts me on edge, usually with a pounding headache. 

But today I actually kind of like it. Not because it was raw and cold and muddy and disgusting, oh no, but because if the sun was out, it would have meant an afternoon of yard work. I would have felt obligated to parade my brown thumb around the house—pulling up what I think are weeds but are most likely gorgeous flowering plants while the dandelions flourish, casting a yellow glow across the grass, getting my hair stuck in the thorns of the rose bushes that never bud or trying to figure out what the heck is growing around our chicken coop {and before you think I’ve gone native, don’t worry, we don’t have any chickens—it’s just a coop left over from the previous owner that gives me chills as I walk by. So rest easy my NYC friends, I am still buying eggs at a grocery store, not foraging for them outside!}

And without the pressure of planting, I am free to spend time with my guys. After work today, we all sat down and had lunch together—AMAZING!—and now as I type, I am snuggled on the couch with them watching a movie, feeling warm, relaxed and happy. We try to fit so much into each moment, I never even take my coat off when I am home on most days, because we are running out the door again in a few minutes and it’s not even worth unzippering it! It leaves me feeling like I am just frantically reacting to my life instead of living it. 

But not tonight. Tonight, we are home. We are together. Collectively taking a breath from our commitments, making Mumford impressions in the couch and delighting in the total magic of a coffee table picnic and watching a movie together. 

Actually the only thing I need to is write this blog, so I’m posting now—I've got a movie to finish… 

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