Monday, May 23, 2016

DAY 13—Hiatus Ends Here

Sorry I haven’t had the chance to write, but to be honest so much has gone on over the last few days that I cannot beat myself about it. 

I feel like we ordinarily live our lives at a break-neck speed and this week wasn’t any different, but we tried to accomplish even more than normal which had me scrambling from 5AM-midnight most days. I don’t love letting myself down like I have, but I found that my only times to write were when I needed to sleep and so I made what felt like the more difficult choice and slept. 

And I have so much to say…. so many thoughts I want, no need, to share with you. Over the next few days plan to tell you about everything from the happy to the sad to celebrating to the frustrating and everything in between. 

But today marks the first time in nearly a week where I have taken a breath. So that’s what I am doing, pausing, breathing, regrouping….
And that’s all I've got time for—off to karate pick up! 

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