Tuesday, May 17, 2016

DAY 12—Defining Days

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I am always amazed at how the world keeps spinning… 

Yesterday I was given some sad news about a loved one and I felt the same pang that I felt years ago when my Nana passed away—how is the Earth is still moving on its axis, how is everyone is going forward with their day?

I will never forget getting the call that my Nana was gone and then walking through the NYC streets in a total haze. I watched people on cell phones chatting, people ordering coffee, people laughing and I remember in that moment wanting to scream at the top of lungs. Didn’t these people know that my life was forever changed, can’t they see that? Why aren’t they stopping what they are doing? How are they able to be happy?

I think I grew up a little then, the sun shining down on the bustling city street, while I stood there stuck, my feet feeling like lead. I think it was right then, right there when I actually, completely understood that you don’t know, you can’t know what anyone is going through. That while you may be experiencing joy at that same moment, someone else is crying, depressed, excited scared… I know I talked about this in this blog already, so I apologize for repeating it—but I am just so struck by it sometimes that it overwhelms me.

So please remember to show others kindness and compassion, because you never know what they really want to say when you ask them how they are doing.

Every day there is happiness, there are tears, there is success and there are lows. And each one is important, each one is beautiful. It shapes us into the gorgeously complicated layered people we are and the people we will become.

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