Sunday, May 15, 2016

DAY 11—Rise & Shine

My backyard today
I have been thinking lately that some decisions should only be made in the sunshine….

Last week it rained for 6 days (maybe more???) straight, and I felt myself sinking into the gloom like quicksand. I started to question some choices I had made, started to feel confused, started to fall into a funk… I don’t know about you, but I am very effected by the weather. The barometric pressure often gives me horrible headaches, so raining days are actually, physically painful. No wonder it puts everyone on edge, cranky and all out miserable.

I was driving down the street when it hit me—do not make any decisions right now. I had been pondering a few changes and had begun to feel powerless, even melancholy about where I am in this life. Am I working to my potential? Am I being a good guide for my children? Am I a decent writer? A kind co-worker? A loving wife? A total stress case on the verge of exploding? Fun to be around? A drag to be around? 
It was like this vicious cycle of never-ending questions that made my eyes well with tears? And that day in car, I thought it’s raining, don’t think another think until you see the light.

And now the sun is out—today is the perfect day. Sunny, breezy, beautiful. Today is a day where you feel the possibilities, like anything can happen. It’s a time to embrace your strength, believe in your ability to accomplish your goals. When you are able to think clearly and with purpose. Today is a day to make decisions, not when your judgement is literally clouded. So go ahead, if you’ve got a dream board, fill it. If you’ve got a bucket list, start crossing it off! 

Some say it’s darkest before the dawn, so we just need to hold onto the belief that the sun will rise and the light will bring warmth to everything it touches, including ourselves.

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