Sunday, May 15, 2016

DAY 10—Soul Sisters

Photo by Andy King: Michelle thanking me for being in her wedding
Some days are good for the soul…

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with my one my best friends. This girl is totally my soul sister. One of those people who you are lucky enough to know in life who just complete you in some way.

When we were young I used to call her my Michelle and I guess she still is. We met doing a show when I was in 8th grade, she was the white rabbit to my Alice. And in many ways she still is. The white rabbit has a sense of excitement, adventure and such incomparable navigational skills that you want to follow her where ever she leads because you know you’ll discover a greater version of yourself, one you didn’t know existed.

These days we have to sneak in a few visits here and there, usually with the soundtrack of Connor turned up to the highest volume, but she doesn’t seem to mind. We just enjoy being able to talk face to face, a big treat after having to chat on the phone for the 14 years I lived in NYC. And for all that I am so grateful, being in the same room together is just one of the amazing perks of living here!

We have actually been known to have “study halls” together, if we both have work to do but still want to see each other, we set up our computers next to each on my dining room table and get our tasks done, but we are able to talk and more importantly, laugh, inbetween assignments. Yesterday, we didn’t do much, just sat around the table catching each other up on all of the happenings in our lives. 

And you know what? I was a better person for her visit. After she left I felt a pang of sadness for a moment, because I always do when our time is done, but I also felt more relaxed, more like me—the me I like to be. I guess you could say she brings out the happiness in me… 

This quote totally sums it for me:
“Thats when I realized what a true friend was. Someone who would always love you—the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you—because it is what people are supposed to do.” —RJL

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