Wednesday, May 4, 2016

20 in 30 Challenge

Even more challenging, I took this without fixing my makeup first
It’s back baby—the self-proclaimed 20 in 30 Challenge!

For the next 30 days I will be setting a 20-minute timer. During that time, I will draft a blog and post at the sound of the buzzer. I tried this challenge last year and got derailed when my son Liam was diagnosed with ADHD and Slow Processing, but now I am a stronger person and I am going to finish it out. 

I can become very critical of myself, writing drafts of posts and never publishing them because I am worried about what people will think, whether my ideas are good enough, whether I am worthy to speak my mind. And the results of that? An empty blog and honestly, an unfulfilled me.

Today I realized I need a kick in the creative, so here we go, starting tomorrow it’s gonna get raw—there may be misspellings if I don’t have time to proof, there may be unfinished thoughts if the timer goes off—but I am hoping to find beauty in the truth of these unscripted moments...

And hey, if you are looking to step up your game in any area, take part of this challenge with me—I dare you, no I triple dog dare you!

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  1. I am do so proud of you and inspired by you!!!! Raw and vulnerable is so attractive and let's the people around you feel free to be themselves! Love you girl! Rock it out!