Wednesday, April 13, 2016


a view from my office
As I type this, I am sitting next to my three-year-old, he’s eating a snack and playing Paw Patrol. This is how I get work done. Between snacks, books, karate, music classes and the potty, I write. 

Work At Home Moms are a quiet, resilient group of women who strive to reach the delicate balance of caring for their kids and earning a much-needed income. We are not talked about nearly as much as our Stay At Home Moms or Working Mother counterparts. And there is less understanding of what we “do” all day… because we are doing it all—All. The. Time.

We are standing here, where the lines between work, life and balance are always a little blurry. Because when your office is the dining room table, there’s bound to be some confusion, so let me try to break it down for you. I try to complete my writing assignments while the boys are busy playing, but that’s never enough time. What usually happens is after I’ve read stories, sung songs, scared away monsters lurking under the bad and kissed the boys goodnight, I creep downstairs and I start my work day… typing until the keys are blurry and my brain is fried.

I do conference calls in the preschool pick up line, help my Arbonne clients {my latest adventure!} from karate class and respond to emails at the bus stop, but in between, I am here—I am present for my family.

This is one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced and while it leaves me feeling incredibly frantic {almost all of the time!} I know it’s all worth it. It was my goal, my dream to volunteer at school, be at the bus stop and even enjoy music class with my son. So no matter how tough it gets—and it gets down-right, body-draining rough sometimes—I know this is an incredible time in our lives and I can't believe I was lucky enough to score a front row seat!

So to all those moms making it work from playground client meetings to late night cram sessions, I salute you! And we should grab a coffee—if we can find a moment to do it!

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