Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Heart

my I {HEART} NY necklace
I lived in NYC for just about 14 years—more than one-third of my life spent there. And as you know, when you don’t live close to home, you find family in friends around you.

My NYC friends will always hold a special place in my heart… These are the people that I worked alongside in the trenches of life, the people I watched the towers fall with, the people I saw more than my husband or my kids, the people who knew me so well… the ones who helped me grow up.

And I got to see some of them last week, it was such an expected surprise that I get tears just thinking of how it almost didn’t happen…. My heart is so full from their hugs, their smiles, their faces… and how even after not seeing each other for months, it felt natural to fall into conversation, into step with them.

It’s amazing to think about how young we all were, how certain we were—of everything. We ruled that city with the confidence that can only come from the awesome power of your 20s or a few beers. Our dance parties were epic, our struggles were real, our energy electric and our loyalty fierce. We used to greet the sunrise like an old friend, talk about our dreams, our futures.

I was always grateful to catch their eye, to have their back to raise a glass, or hid in the bathroom… And now we celebrate it all, the weddings, the promotions, the babies, the triumphs, but also the sunsets and setbacks, the broken dreams and breakups, the little curveballs and all out wrecking balls—because these are the people, my people, who I continue to walk through life with.

Even though I am not there every day, I am always walking beside you.

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