Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Yup, I know it’s February 1st, but this is my new year! January 1st is too close to the holidays, my kids are still home, there is Champagne to drink, chocolate to eat, fun and indulgence to be had—so I have a hard time letting go of the holiday-feel and jump-starting something new. I mean we only took our tree down around January 10th…

Plus I need a minute to reflect on the year, to think about what we accomplished and how we can do more—or less… I would love for 2016 to be the year of LESS. Less stress, less commitment, less racing, less time feeling frantic. But LESS only makes me crave MORE!

I find myself thinking about “more” a lot. How do I get more work in a day, how can we fit in more activities for the kids, how can I book more jobs or events, how can I cram more appointments in one day? Honestly MORE can be too much for me… I am worn out from the MORE.

But at the same time MORE is the goal right? MORE time for friends and family, more volunteering, more helping Liam with school, more time for Connor, more playdates, more fun, more adventure, more enjoyment.

Maybe this is the year of LESS becoming MORE? Maybe it’s a year of BALANCE? The notion seems impossible, I feel like I’m more likely to look out my window and spy a unicorn dancing on a rainbow than achieve a balanced life. But you know what? It’s February 1st and it’s a sunny 64 degrees outside, so it appears that anything is possible.

So I wish you a Happy New Year—and even though I am late to the party, I hope you’re rocking your resolutions, because we’re all capable of transforming the impossible into achievable, we just have to try. And that’s the key, believing we can do it makes it happen.

I don’t think it’s going to be easy, in fact I think it’s going to be pretty hard, but today I took an important step—I took MORE time for myself to write in this blog. And while it may not be my best work, it actually happened for the first time in way too many months and it feels amazing to shake off the cobwebs and breathe life into this blog again.

That’s my resolution—turning aspirations into reality. Well, more or less….

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