Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Egg on My Face

I have horrible blackheads on my nose and I have tried everything for the better part of 25 years to get rid of them and nothing has worked... I used lotions and potions, that strange metal tool with the holes, spinning brushes—you name it, it didn't work for me.

So the other day I went to Pinterest in search of a natural remedy. I was surprised to find that many said to use egg whites... I was curious, and I happen to have a hankering for an omelette so why not. 

Here is my before picture—my nose pre-egging:

Now all of the pieces I read said to brush on three layers. So I used a basting brush because I couldn't think of another way to "brush" it on... And yes, I felt completely ridiculous...

I did the first layer and was more than a little shocked to feel it start to tighten, then I did a second and a third layer—keeping them very thin or the egg white would start to run off the tip of my nose (a little gross, but true!) It tightened right up, similar to how a Bioré strip feels. Now, some sites said you could peel it off, but I could not get a grip on it. It was kind of flakey at the edges, so I just washed it off and you know what it worked!

Here is the post-egg pic:

OK, so I still have blackheads... I am not saying this was a miracle treatment, but man it really did work. And it only took about 10 minutes total.

So hey next time you are enjoying some eggs, save a tiny bit of the whites and treat yourself to a beauty moment.

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