Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Smile Baby Smile

Oh picture day. That beautiful time of year when your child’s image is captured for yearbooks, mouse pads and mugs.

Unless these are their pictures….

Liam. Sure his hair could have been combed or at least pushed down. {Remember when we all got little black combs to perfect our look pre-photoshoot? While there was surely the risk of a lice outbreak afterwards, our hair was flawless. Anyway, back to Liam.} Like I was saying the coif is not cute, but hey we think this might be a keeper. I mean why tempt fate to get one that’s worse than this grimace-y beauty?
But seriously, how did he get so grown up all of a sudden….

Connor. Well this is just, it’s just…. wow. I think they tried to make him pose but he was not getting it—at all. And the “duh” face is so not his jam. This kid smiles all. the. time. It makes me wonder if they even said, “say cheese?” Because this little boy is an expert.

But it’s really the class picture that seals the crazy. The hand on the hip, the tongue out, it’s too much—pretty sure there are a lot of parents laughing around town right about now and we are happy our guy gave them a chuckle or two.
Verdict: retake at the end of October, so stay tuned…

And there you have it—a snapshot into the elementary school life of the Mumford boys.
Please note: The fact that they are wearing pretty much the same shirt was not planned...

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