Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Summer of Independence

I haven't been around lately because not only are we sweating our way through all the hottness, we are working toward independence here in the Mumford house. I have lit a match and started a revolution and I carry my banner of hope through every room, proclaiming parental freedom.

We started with Connor. The week between the end of school and July 4th we went into lock down with pants down—that’s right we potty trained. The first two days were a blurry mix of anxiety, crying—his and mine, OK mostly mine—pee, frustration, poop and lots of laundry. But by his 3rd birthday on July 6th, he had nailed it. Sure there have been a few accidents, but I no longer worry about him, he knows when to go and goes…
Independence from Diapers: Check

Next up Liam. We are tackling the “helplessness.” The never-ending asking us to do things for him, from getting his shoes to cleaning the playroom is over, starting now. We are working very hard on this, starting small and gradually building confidence and self-assured-ness to be more pro-active and not so reactive. One thing we have done is give him chores, which he is starting to earn a weekly allowance—to buy Legos of course….
Independence from Asking: Work in Progress

Last up: me. My goal for the summer is independence from self-shaming. I need to make healthy decisions, but why is it so hard? It so delicious to eat ice cream and sleep in, but I need to build my stamina to keep up with the boys. And fitting into my clothes is good for my self esteem and wallet, so fruit and working out in the morning BKW (before kids wake) are on the agenda with the occasional treat, because I mean, come on, a little chocolate has to happen.
Independence from Bad Choices: Work in Progress

PS: For Connor’s last challenge of the summer, we will be phasing out the BOBO! So be on the lookout for a crazed post about pacifiers in the near future.

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