Saturday, May 2, 2015

DAY SIX: Party On (Part 2)

Liam had his 6th birthday party today and it was awesome!!

We had it at the International Martial Arts Academy in Topsfield—it was one of the best parties we have ever been to, and we’ve seen our share of kid parties.

It was run by the owner and two teachers. The cost of the party included everything—hands-on staff who played tons of games, (and some amazing music!) pizza, the boards they broke (and took home) and even the goodie bags! Yes, you read that correctly, even the goodie bags! All I did was bring the cake, and Liam of course—they even had the candles because the birthday boy’s mom forgot them (yup...) 

Speaking of cake, here is the final product. Jesse worked on the icing and it’s very Ninjago. I have to say I was very obsessed with it last night, and yet this morning it sort of looked like a terrorist to me, but hey the kids loved it—and I made chocolate cupcakes just in case.

But get ready for the best part. There was so clean up. We didn’t kill ourselves to host in a spotless space and the place wasn’t trashed at the end of 90 minutes. We simply thanked everyone for a fabulous party, then left—just like everyone else. We came home and got to hang out and eat left over cake while Liam opened his gifts and Connor tried to play with all of them.

It was perfect. So perfect in fact that I am going to grab another slice of cake—oh wait we are heading to my goddaughter’s birthday party in five minutes. I am so excited because it’s the first time we’ve been able to attend her party ever—we’ve always been in NYC. So hmmm... I guess I will just wait an hour or so to indulge in more cake-goodness. And did I mention that Connor is going to a party tomorrow too.

It’s a party weekend over here, so yes I will have my cake and eat it too—All. Weekend. Long.

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