Friday, May 1, 2015

DAY FIVE: Party Part One

It’s party prep day here at the Mumfords.

Liam’s birthday party with his friends is tomorrow—yes, his birthday was on April 3rd… Here are the excuses for the terrible mom-ness (trust me, I feel guilty enough as it is.) We had just moved into the new house and we hadn’t gotten the chance to send the invites out yet when an invitation for another child’s party came home in Liam’s school folder—it was scheduled for the same day and same time as Liam’s original party date. Clearly that had to change and the next available day wasn’t for a month, so tomorrow May 2nd, we celebrate.

Now that that’s out of the way, we are busy making a cake and cupcakes. The cake (seen here) will be (I hope) the LEGO Ninjago character Zane, the white ninja, (because white frosting won’t stain their mouths quite like the super bright colors the other characters wear! At least that’s the hope…) And I am already worried that it will end up looking like Pinterest-Fail pic, but as I type it is cooling so there will be no telling until tonight when it gets frosted—think happy thoughts, right? And I maybe purchased have enough supplies to make two more cakes if needed...

Our original plan was cupcakes with cut outs of the Ninjago guys on top using (potentially harmful when used as a weapons, but what-the-hey) toothpicks, but that all changed the other day. His party is being held at the place where he does karate, so while Liam was in class I casually mentioned my (earth shatteringly amazing) cupcake idea to the owner. And instead of high-fiving me for my creativity, he was like “well… you can do cupcakes, but if you do a cake he gets to cut it with a sword.” A SWORD? Much safer than toothpicks—YES, a cake is clearly in order.

So last night I found an Optimus Prime (of Transformers fame for those of you playing at home) cake pan—we bought it a million years ago when a party store near us in Astoria went out of business and we’ve never used it. I held it, turned it upside and there before me was the face of a NINJA!

And now he is out of the oven and only suffered a small blemish, but once there’s icing you shouldn’t see that—note to self: read the directions on the pan before putting the cake in the oven. I can’t wait to see Liam’s face when he gets to see him, so tune in tomorrow party fans to see how our Ninjago cake came out and how Liam did cutting with the sword.

Oh and did I mention these mighty 6 year olds will be breaking boards like true karate masters tomorrow? No? Yeah, it’s going to be epic. Cue the song from Karate Kid!

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