Monday, May 4, 2015


It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

I have been running around gathering items to say thank you to the teachers at my boys’ schools and while I am sort of going crazy, I couldn’t be happier to do it!

In NY, I lived with a dedicated elementary school teacher who taught in a city school. She left before the sun went up and didn’t get home most nights until 7 or 8PM. She bought her own supplies when her budget didn’t allow it and taught students in a trailer because the school was so overcrowded they didn’t have enough classrooms. I visited her one day, the trailer shook very time the subway went by, but she didn’t even notice, all she saw were those kids and she was determined to help them reach their full potential.

Watching her I learned just how hard teachers work. Sure they get a lot of vacation time, but that’s because they need to refuel and take classes themselves on how to teach our children better. I truly believe it is one of the hardest jobs in this world…

So thank you to the men and women who dedicate themselves to making a difference in our lives, not just our children—because when you inspire our kids, you inspire all of us.

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