Thursday, May 14, 2015

DAY 17: Mom

Mom & Liam
This was due to post yesterday, but due to screaming children, I forgot to hit POST, please enjoy.

Today is my mom’s birthday—she probably doesn’t want anyone to know that, so let’s just keep it between us, OK?

Fast talking, feisty and fabulous, she is such a giving, beautiful woman—but get out of her way if there is a sale going on! Gracious and kind, she didn’t think twice about asking us to live with her (a decision she may have made too hastily.) She is also gentle and loving, persistent and patient. And so funny. All in all, the kind of lady you want to have a drink or two with.

And she is the best grandmother ever. When she was trying to decide what Liam would call her, she went back and forth. Something fun like GiGi, not Nana—my mom's mother was Nana and she was one of a kind—or maybe Grandma, but that didn’t seem quite right either. Then she announced one day that she would be GRAMMY! And it was perfect, just the right about of warmth and love. And now to hear my kids call her that, it’s just magical.

But the greatest thing she has taught me is to never stop fighting. She was the ultimate advocate for us when we were growing up and I have seen her stand up for her family time and time again. She never takes no for an answer, there is no “no,” there is only “what else can be done.” That goes for everyone from car salesmen to her own kids. There is no better lesson for me, it got me through school, through working, through mommy-hood and through life.

She is my confidant, my advisor, my best friend… she is my mom.
I love you.

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