Tuesday, May 12, 2015

DAY 16: Stop the World!

Or at least slow it down a little, it’s all going way too fast!

I looked at my boys today and saw how big they are. Like really big.

Liam is tall, lanky even—yes he just turned 6 which I don’t think is old either, but I didn’t know 6 meant a child who is over 4 FT tall! And since his birthday, I have noticed a subtle shift in him where a quiet maturity is fighting it’s way out. Now you are probably thinking that I am getting carried away, and yes I will admit there was a holy meltdown over an orange marker this weekend, BUT his focus is different, so different in fact I would say he actually has some focus! Oh, and he has started calling us Mom and Dad. He never said Mama, it was straight from staring at and me and screaming to Mommy. And now it’s Mom, just Mom.

As for Connor, he is reaching that point where he is starting to say words correctly and it is utterly heart breaking. He recently stopped calling his old brother Iam (pronounced like EE-um) and started saying Liam. And while Liam was over-the-moon excited, I was holding back tears. It’s bad enough he stopped watching Sesame Street and will only play with “big boy” toys. I mean what’s next? Is he going to start saying his name correctly too? Will he call himself “Connor” instead of “Connors” with an “s,” it’s more than I can bear!

So hey world, slow down and let me catch my breath, let me keep my boys as babies just a little while longer because pretty soon they will be too big for me to hold on to.

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