Thursday, May 14, 2015

DAY 15: A Letter

Connor as a newborn

Welcome to the world little one! It’s a bright sparkly place, huh? It can get messy at times, but you are going to love every, single second of it.

And now I have a few words of advice for you.

Be kind to your parents, especially your mama, she is probably a little tired right now. I know you don’t want to miss a moment and sometimes sleeping doesn’t sound so fun, but close those eyes and know you are never alone. I bet your mom wishes you would rest so she can too, but here is a little secret, the truth is she doesn’t—she stays awake staring at your beautiful face because even though she wants to sleep, she can’t. And you know why? She’s just like you, she doesn’t want to miss a moment.

Trust that if your parents leave, they will return. Even when Mommy and Daddy go out, they will come back. So no, little one, you don’t need to spit up on you your mama’s beautiful hair right before she heads out, she’ll be thinking of you constantly without such a smelly reminder. Sure there will be days when she’ll shut the door and feel a wave a relief, but never fear because within two steps from the front door, her heart will begin to ache. And just try to stop her from showing off pictures of your handsome-ness to every passerby!

And lastly, and take note little one, this is a biggie. To the world, your parents are simply people spinning round and round each day, but I know they already mean the world to you. So always remember to give them that extra hug and kiss, even when you think you’re too old for such things—you are never to old to love, be loved and show love.

I think that’s it little one. Be kind, trust yourself and your family and keep your heart open—oh and call your Auntie Noël once in a while OK?
You are in my thoughts and my heart,

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