Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DAY THREE: Soccer Mom vs. Stage Mom

Do you ever have a moment when something just hits you? That was me a few days ago…
I was at Liam’s music school talking to his teacher and told her how happy he is lately. His school teachers have noticed it, my parents have noticed it, we’ve all noticed it. And while yes, it probably stems from him finally feeling settled in MA, but I believe a lot of credit belongs to the program at Tiny Tunes.

The teachers there are experts in building self esteem—I mean they have 4 year old children singing alone on stage with a microphone, I know many adults who couldn’t do that. I think it’s the nurturing environment and you-can-do-anything approach that has helped my son turn this year around. One of the teachers there told me once that singing in a group can be an emotional experience, you are breathing together, you are making music together and I think that connection is something he has felt since his first class back in September.

We tried soccer—he spent most of the games playing with the net. So when we asked what he wanted to continue with he said all he wanted was Tiny Tunes. We were a little reluctant to give up team sports, but I am only just realizing he’s already found a new “team sport”. He is part of a group that’s working together, he’s being supported by them while also encouraging his fellow teammates and being cheered by his “coach” for his effort and achievements on and off the field—umm, stage.

It’s that courageousness, that leadership that we hope our children gain from sports, right? And I am seeing those qualities emerge in my child. His focus is sharper, his attention to detail is stronger and his heart is open. What more could I ask for?

So from this newly crowned Stage Mom to the talented creatives at Tiny Tunes, thank you for helping my beautiful boy shine, in and out of the spotlight.

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