Monday, April 27, 2015

30 Days & Counting

It has been forever since I have written, I mean look to the left, the last post was January, tragic. I was struggling with how to get back into it when I remembered a friend of mine did something once where she had to write every day for 20 minutes and publish it, no excuses.

I feel like this could be an awesome exercise to get myself back on the blog. So for the next 30 days, I will be writing for 20 minutes and posting without looking back—I am a little terrified, maybe you should be too! These posts will be unedited and probably all over the place...

I am also trying to make some other positive changes to my routine. We are FINALLY in our own house and I realized as I was unpacking that I left something vital in NYC—working out. It was probably in the pile of stuff we tossed on the street on the day we left. I felt OK about it at first because I picked up couch surfing, ice cream and carbs to fill the void.

But that all ends now! I am putting down the spoon and picking myself back up. Just call me Bridget Jones because it’s all getting documented—brace yourselves.

For today’s adventure I tried a new Tae Bo DVD—yes, I love me some Billy Blanks don’t judge, the man is a genius and he tells you so at the end of the workout. It was hard to wake up before the kids, but I told myself it is harder to walk around feeling the way I have been. So Billy and I worked it out this morning and yup, you bet there was a point where I nearly died, but hey that's the price you pay after months of chocolate and chips, right?

OK, so a confession, I may have just stopped and used 6.5 minutes to take the perfect “before” selfie for this post. So there it is to the right, soak it in—that face is going to change, and it hope it will be for the better.

But before I go, I ask you, is there something you have been putting off? Something you want to do?
Feel free to join me on this 30 day journey—it’s going to be epic.
OK...  I am hitting the button—POST!

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