Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year, New Everything

Over the summer we made the {difficult, wonderful, frightening} decision to move our fearless foursome to Massachusetts.
{It wouldn’t have been possible without my incredible parents inviting us to live with them—I don’t think they really knew how much these two little kids and their parents would change their quiet, relaxed lifestyle, but we are beyond grateful.}

The last couple of weeks in New York were hectic—to say the least—but they were also pretty fun. We had food delivered from every one of our favorite restaurants, Liam came to work with me, we walked Rock Center for the last time and hugged friends through tearful see-you-laters. Then we packed up our space and we were out of that place….

But this door, the red door leading to 3G will be etched in my heart for all time…. Seemingly nondescript, it opened up to many of my life’s most special moments and I will never forget it.
It was the first home Jesse and I had ever purchased, a home we renovated and decorated, a home that reflected our life and style.
Behind this door was our place of solace, where shoulders relaxed and feet were up—where we could eat peanut butter out of the jar or wear PJs all day without judgement.
It was where we learned we were going to be parents.
Where I daydreamed about mommy-hood and where I stood when we realized we needed to race to the hospital.
It was in front of this door where we paused to take a breath before walking through as a new family—bringing our newborn son into his first home, one that was already bustling with new {and excited!} grandparents, aunts and uncles.
It was there that first steps were taken, first words spoken and first foods eaten.
And where our son learned he would be a big brother.
There were dance parties and birthday parties—and potty parties.
It was through that door that we rushed to bring our second newborn son to see his brother.
It was where we first heard our boys make each other laugh, where we discovered that four people can fit in a queen-sized bed, well sort of.
Beyond this door the walls were covered in pasta, crayon, ketchup,'s a bit of a long list.
There were scraps, stitches, staples and seizures—and there was healing, happiness and hope.

That unassuming door, scratched by strollers and marked by tape {after displaying many toddler masterpieces,} was so much more than a simple entryway, it was a gateway to laughter, to love and to life—our life.

I was sad to see it close for the last time, but I am also so excited to see new doors opening all around us.
Happy New Year everyone.


  1. So beautiful. Teared up reading this. Here's to all the beautiful memories your old home held - knowing they're in your heart forever. Happy new year and new adventures in your new home sweet home!!

  2. Beautiful! Keep writing Noel!! xo

  3. This is such a touching read, Noel. Love that you're writing.