Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How Did We Get Here?

Image: Business Insider, Bodyguard Blanket
I saw this online today and choked back a full-blown sob. Yes, it is what it looks like… bullet-proof nap mats designed specifically for school shootings. I just can't stop thinking about it. How did we get here?

This week marks the 74th school shooting since Newtown made us want to hug our children and never let go. But this blog is not about gun safety or gun-control laws, it is just me taking a breath and asking how did we get here, how do we move forward?

 I just can't fathom buying these "blankets" for my boys... I have never once felt fear dropping my son off at Pre-K—and I never want to. Nor do I want Liam to feel worried or fearful in an environment that's filled with love and learning.

Am I sticking my head in the sand? Maybe a little bit. But you know what? If I let that fear in, I don't think I could let it go.

But I do worry.... Is this where we are headed, bullet-proof nap mats? I really hope not, but how did we get here?

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