Thursday, April 3, 2014


My boy, my creative, talented, sensitive, beautiful boy is 5 years old today!!

I would take the time to say how much Liam has changed my life and made me a better person but I already did that last year {click to read} so instead I am going to honor the King of the Dress Up with MY TOP FIVE COSTUME FAVES
This is the moment when I finally understood why parents let their kids leave the house dressed in costumes. I just didn't "get it" before. But sometimes when you go to the neurologist you need to go as the "king" you really and truly are.


Friends are vital to our imagination. These two knights posed only after Elliott and Liam were finished being Super Heroes... obviously.
Here he is as "Young Santa." He informed us that before Santa had a white beard, he had a black mustache. Makes sense to me.
The double take here is awesome: He first emerged as Robin {yes, of Batman and Robin fame} then he quickly changed and returned at Robin's alter-ego, Dick Grayson circa. 1960s. 

I love this classic look the most.

So happy happy birthday to the King of Costumes, the Duke of Dress Up, the one-and-only Liam Mumford! Love you so much!

These contenders didn't make the cut, but I kind of love them anyway.
On the left you have Puss in Boots with some Antonio Banderas flair. And on the right you have two kings, one more excited to have their photo snapped than the other.

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