Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year, New Goals {Belated}

No reason, just a fun picture. Hallway races.
So, I have never been good at the New Year's Resolution-thing...
January 1st, I am still all about eating, drinking and making merry.

It's usually after the cold temps really set in and all the holiday fun has been unwrapped that I settle down and think about how I want to make this a better year.

So here are my 2014 goals.

Be Grateful
Be Mindful
Be Present
Without Apology

-      Be aware that I control my mind and my body, they do not control me
-      Listen to my body, respond to its needs, not my wants
-      Continue to explore meditation, it feels good for my body and my soul
-      Accept my shape without negativity—don’t want the boys to develop unhealthy body images for themselves or the women they meet in life—but know that it is within my power to change it
-      Slowly build up a healthy exercise regimen, work to find where my threshold is {for exercised-induced migraines}

-      Listen only to our hearts, our guts and each other about how to live
-      Be patient and kind to one another
-      Don’t dread homework, then Liam will dread it too
-      Eat dinner together as much as possible
-      Do activities—just the four of us
-      Turn off the devices and talk to each other
-      Make everyday life an adventure—find ways to explore the world together, even if we adults think we already know everything about everything
-      Speak to the kids like humans, not babies—but remember they still little and still figuring out this world
-      Establish chores for Liam and Connor to show how everyone in our family contributes to our household

-      Keep my heart open
-      Say I love you every time I see those I care about, never wonder if they know/knew how I feel about them
-      Try not to let the small things overwhelm me, yet acknowledge that sometimes it’s the small things that can feel bigger in the moment and deal with those feeling with grace
-      Set a healthy example for my children—when I feel frustrated and stressed don’t yell or cry, just take a breath, re-center and go forward
-      Let go a little—spending time with the kids/loved ones/friends is more important than cleaning the house, BUT don’t become a hoarder
-      Recognize the limitless potential in those around me and cultivate their greatness
-      Hug my kids, hold their small feet in my hands while I still can, kiss them all over their faces, sing to them, hold them, just let them know they are loved
-      Remember that I can’t always do it all, but I can accomplish a lot

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