Friday, November 1, 2013

Holy Halloween

Sad Halloween treat
OK moms with older kids, I can't believe that you didn't warn me about what happens at school parties. Like working mom guilt isn't enough, now I have super mom guilt as well... awesome.

Tuesday we got a notice about a Halloween party at Liam's school asking parents to send in treats for the kids in the class. Truth: I hemmed and hawed about what to buy, healthy vs. sweet snacks and how much! Finally, I grabbed some lollipops, made some cute Halloween tags, tied two suckers with ribbon and totally loved them--it was candy so I knew Liam wouldn't get made fun of because his mom gave out apples or something ridiculous and I figured it was only two lollipops so it's manageable for all the moms out there worrying about too much sugar.

When I picked him up from school yesterday he burst through the door asking if he can have some of his candy, it being Halloween and all I threw all caution to the wind and said: sure buddy, let me grab you a piece from your party today. I actually stumbled when I opened his backpack, it was FILLED and I mean like can-barely-unzip-the-thing-filled with BAGS and BAGS of candy and toys and treats. I quickly plucked out a Kit Kat and he happily munched the whole way home--where I tossed the bag in corner vowing to deal with it and its out-of-control contents later.

After a fun Halloween party at our complex and a very successful {two buckets worth} trick-or-treat session, I had one over-sugared-falling-apart kid who really needed rest but was too hyped to settle down... not gonna lie, there were some tears as we half-carried him to bed while he blubbered about needing more candy to help fall asleep {what?} but don't worry mom because candy makes me strong {what?} and it's good for my teeth, so it's OK. {WHAT?} Like I said, the kid was in a candy coma that only sleep could cure.

It was only then, after he was sounding snoring, that I dared open that backpack that had been haunting me all night. I immediately called Jesse over because I was stunned, simply stunned at the volume and intensity of the treats I found inside. It was like every mom in the world knew to send stuffed goodie bags, but me. There were spider rings, glow sticks, coloring books, kooky straws and enough candy to feed an army. How did they know? How did they do it? And on only two days notice? I mean are these parents robots?

And you know what else... I was embarrassed.

It's totally silly, I know, but I was. We never gave out candy or treats like this at daycare so I felt completely blind-sided. I felt guilty that I didn't give enough to his friends. And I felt horrified, the other parents must think I am the cheapest person alive after they spied my measly dum-dums--the same ones that only hours before had made me so happy.

I barely managed to get the bake sale goods to the school on Wednesday--I thought the Thursday treats were sure to be my downfall, but these parents did it all and totally nailed it. 

I wanted to hate them, but how could I? My guy was so happy {before the sugar turned him into a goodie goblin} and they were a part of that. They were a part of the magic that can only be Halloween.

I know it's not about what you give, that just giving is the thought that counts and blah blah blah, but never again.

To all you parents of younger kids out there, please learn from this terrifying tale and get your Halloween on for any and all future parties.

And to Rm 106, look out, the holidays are right around the corner and this mama is gonna bring her A game!

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