Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Best. Jeans. Ever.

a.n.a Destructed Boyfriend Skinny Jeans
Seriously ladies, drop everything (dishes, children, whatever) and order these jeans, you will not regret it.

I cannot take credit for this fashion discovery, my friend Michelle was the pioneer who uncovered this gem at {wait for it} JCPenney!

Are you shocked?
I was shocked.

I mean who knew you could find the most flattering, totally trendsetting denim at the JCP. Not me... But Michelle always looks fabulous, so I thought why not and clicked them into my .com cart--and I wasn't the only one, our other friend snapped up a pair as well!

When they were delivered I was pretty damn excited and a little bit nervous. Why the nerves? Well my friends, no one likes the sour taste of disappointment when you eagerly try on a new outfit, only to find that you can't even pull the "bigger" size {the one you convinced yourself would be so huge that you would need to go down two sizes smaller} up around your thighs because you STILL haven't lost the baby weight even though your child is 15 months old.... But I digress.

They slipped on with ease, the stretchy material forgiving where you want it to be the most {yes, I fully contained the muffin top} and fitted where you really want it to be the most (let's show off those calves and skinny ankles!}

But the BEST part, my bottom looked awesome!! Seriously, I did a little dance in the mirror, then I did a little dance for my husband, who agreed, yes, those jeans look great!

And ready for the wow moment? The three of us that ordered these jeans all loved them. It sort of felt like a fashion-miracle, how could one style work on three different women? Was it even possible? Yes, my darlings, this is the stuff of legend.

I love the look so much I created a Pinterest board so I could reference ways to wear my new go-tos. And because you are dying to see it, here you go

Too obsessed you say? NEVER! {OK, maybe I am a little over the top, but that's what happens when you fall in love, right?}

Now that you know you NEED these jeans, go get 'em girls--and did I mention they are on sale for $24.99! Yeah, I knew you'd love that price, who wouldn't?

Got favorite jeans? Feel free to share, but a stern warning, I will most likely buy them. So, only tell me if you are OK with the two of us strutting around town looking like twins-ies!

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