Friday, August 16, 2013

Friendship Never Says Goodbye

Boys, buckets and the Beer Garden
This morning I had a conversation with Liam and it went something like this:
N: You are such a big, smart boy, in a couple of weeks you'll be starting Pre-K for school.
L whispers: Wow…
L: Pre-K? With Elliott? I want to go to Pre-K with Elliott, he is my best friend.
N: How about we have some more breakfast and talk about Pre-K later.

I am not proud of changing the subject because I believe in being honest with my kids, but I couldn't break his heart today…

He is not going to Pre-K with Elliott for two big reasons.
ONE: Liam is going to a different school. The place where he has been attending camp for the last very long, borderline torturous weeks. {You see, he doesn't like camp, like at all. It will be a topic for my next post, so get excited or start dreading it, whatever works for you.}
TWO: Elliott and his incredible family are moving to NC.

I know this is going to be tough on him, my heart is heavy already at the thought of our friends moving miles and miles away, but I also know that Liam may not "get it" for a while. The boys have been attending separate camps this summer, so while we haven't seen Elliott and Co. on a regular basis like we did when they attended daycare together, we have been lucky enough to have spent a lot time with them.

And I know Liam. I know he will want play dates. I know he will ask to go to our favorite places with their family. And I just know he will cry and be confused every time I tell him they moved, well at least the first 700 times he inquires.

So each and every time, I will tell him that's OK to be sad, it's OK to cry. I will tell him to remember all the fun they had in NY and how we have a great new place to visit. I will tell him that we can talk on the phone and maybe even get a tour of Elliott's new home on Skype. I will tell him that he will meet new friends, but that no one can take Elliott's place in his heart. I will tell him that friendship never says goodbye.
And I will try to remember that myself.

To our friends, we say good luck, wishing safe travel and total happiness as they start their new adventure. And we are already looking forward to your first visit back to NY!

Want to know why Liam loves his friend Elliott, click here to read a past blog about these two boys.

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