Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's OK....

That I haven't blogged in weeks beause life keeps getting in the way of my creativity. {This will be remedied soon, I assure you!}
That I haven't slept more than 5 hours a night since Connor was born, a year ago.
That I don't sit down at home. Ever. Because there is just too much to do.
That I hate to cook.
That my goal weight is further away than ever, I am trying not to stress about it.
That my commute on the subway is my only "me time."
That when the subway is stuck underground for more than 10 minutes, I fear the worst and nearly have a panic attack, ruining all that quality "me time."
That I crave a beer or glass of wine after a long day, but usually fall asleep before I can even pour it.
That the cute "top knot" hair style I'm sporting is actually how I put my hair up to shower this morning and forgot to *really* style it before I left the house.
That I haven't done laundry for myself in a month, but the kids are always in clean clothes.
That I don't eat dark chocolate for the health benefits, just the deliciousness.
That I pray to hit lottery every day and promise to be a good and responsible with it when I do.
That my kids' happiness means everything to me, but if they are going to scream, roll on the floor and cry because I asked them not to touch the stove, then I am just going to step over them and wait out the tantrum--I will not give in to the crazy.
That my roots are showing, well, not really OK, but for the purpose of this post….
That I commute in sneakers, because you know what judge-y person in the elevator? If you had to push a 40lb 4-year old in a stroller while wearing a 20lb baby in a carrier, I bet you'd be rock'n running shoes too.
That I only do abs at night to justify the ice cream I eat afterwards.
That I cry at commercials.
That I miss my family at least twice a day and wished I lived closer to them.
That I wish my boys were not growing up so fast.
That I borrowed this post idea from Tara at Beautiful Blendings, read her blog you'll pretty much love it.

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