Thursday, June 20, 2013

Saying Goodbye...

Tomorrow is Liam's last day at daycare, his second home since he was only 12 weeks old.

Of course, I am in complete denial.

Don't get me started on how my guy is growing up too quickly and how time is blurring by, because I will just dissolve into a big, ugly cry...
What's got me worried right now is how to say thank you to the incredible women who have helped us raise this little boy—and selfishly, how do I brace myself for life without them?

Even though Liam won't totally "get" what's happening until Monday when we walk him to camp instead of daycare, I know tomorrow will be filled with hugs and tears, but I also know it will pass too quickly. I hate how moments can rush past and you realize later that you never got to say what you wanted to.

Here's what I wish I could say to them:
Thank you for caring for my child each and every day
Thank you for the hugs, the books, the songs and the playtime
Thank you for introducing him to his best friends and showing them how to share
Thank you for creating an environment where he learned and grew through encouragement and kindness
Thank you for guiding his parents, who were so scared and unsure
Thank you for the bandaids, the ice packs and boo boo kisses
Thank you for the comfort and the care, for understanding and calming his fears
Thank you for laughing with him, being silly with him, dressing in costumes with him—for simply accepting him
And always know, you will live forever in his heart {and ours}

Sure that's what I want to say and more, but when the time comes and we are waving tearful goodbyes, I know I will get chocked up and I won't say these things but I will be feeling them, so much.

"Wanna smile, wanna cry, saying goodbye…"

{Yeah, I went there. I quoted the Muppets. It happened, love it.}

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