Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Birthday Boy

Today is my husband's birthday, so here are 37 reasons why I love him (can you guess how old he is?)

1. Walked me home the first time we met
2. Introduced me to BBQ
3. Only wears black and gray
4. Is an artist
5. Doesn't judge when I cry at commercials (well there is a little eye-rolling, but really, it's warranted)
6. Plays in the snow
7. Hates vegetables, except carrots and green beans
8. Vacuums
9. Mastered "Daddy's jobs" of brushing teeth and cutting nails
10. Possesses insanely awesome creativity
11. Exercises inspiring patience when teaching Liam something new
12. Eats the burnt/uncooked/rarely-eatable meals I make every day, without complaints
13. Lugs gigantic sacks to the laundromat every Sunday
14. Is very, very practical--with a little dash of dreamer
15. Proudly wears nerdy tees
16. Always believes in me
17. Usually has a 5 o'clock shadow
18. Plays dress up, no matter what pirate/knight/animal outfit he has to wear
19. Changes diapers and wipes noses
20. Walks faster than most people run
21. Listens to opera
22. Drives us everywhere, sometimes with super-cute, Clark Kent-ish glasses
23. Buried a treasure chest to ask me to marry him
24. Hoards comics 
25. Helped me through child birth, twice AND
26. Got me to the hospital on time to have Liam
27. Turned me into a sci-fi geek 
28. Worries about the kids as much as I do, but never lets on
29. Claims to eat salads for lunch--pretty sure there is bacon involved
30. Earned the title "King of the Claw," for almost always getting the most-sought-after toy in the claw machine
31. Sends funny links/videos way before they become popular
32. Goes to work with baby slobber on his shirt
33. Tunes in to classic rock
34. Gets up with me/the kids during the night
35. Keeps the freezer stocked with ice cream
36. "Is the best Daddy in the whole wide world" --Liam
37. Loves me as I am

Happy Birthday--we all love you so much!

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