Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Where we actually live, see there is *some* grass!
We are one of those urban families standing at the crossroads: Do we stay or do we go?
We love where we live. The community. The neighborhood. The 24-hour grocery store across the street.

But I gotta say, I am craving some open space and it's conversations like this one where I realize I am not the only one yearning for a yard.

Me: Liam, do you want a pet?
Liam: Yes.
Me: Like what?
Liam: A bear.
Me: I think a bear is too big. What about a turtle?
Liam: A turtle would get the floor too wet.
Me: What about a fish?
Liam: No.
Me: A dog?
Liam: Yeah, a dog would be great, but we need a backyard first.
Me: ......
Liam: We need a backyard for a dog and my garden.
Me: Your garden? What will you grow? Green beans?
Liam: Strawberries. No broccolis.
Me: What about lettuce or tomatoes?
Liam: Only fruit Mom. {He has recently started calling me "mom," I miss Mommy!}
Me: OK.
Liam: And I'll have a bike.
Me: In your backyard?
Liam: Yes... someday.
Me: Someday?
Liam: Yeah, someday. {sigh}

And you wonder why I think we should move to the 'burbs?

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