Friday, March 8, 2013

Single Parenting: Day 1

I mean, why should I worry!
For those of you who don't know Jesse flew out this morning to sunny, fabulous Austin, Texas to attend the nerd conference, South by Southwest. Am I jealous that he is going to binge on awesome BBQ, discover cool tech stuff that I don't understand and experience the ultimate indulgence--a full night of sleep? You better believe it! But more than anything, I am a little on edge to be alone with the boys from now until Tuesday night, at 10PM (please note: this is after bedtime, so in my mind, he is gone until Wednesday!) Gulp.

By the way, it is totally unfair of him to fly away to a blissfully perfect, 70º day while I push the stroller (with a baby strapped to me!) through 2" of snow, unshoveled streets and whipping winds to get the kids to daycare. Quick shout out to the awesome caregivers at Happy Days in Astoria--thank you, thank you, thank you for always being there for us, snow and all! 

So back to the point. I am kind of excited with just a hint of nerves to be alone with the boys this weekend. I have hoarded snacks, printed Nick Jr. crafts and don't plan to open the door unless there is a pizza man standing behind it.

While I know it is going to be fine, I can't help but envision a quick fast-forward to Sunday night:
• My prediction: the apartment will be trashed, no one will have slept a wink--at least in their own bed/crib, the kids will be dirty and I will be too scattered to endure bath time without a second parental guardian present and epic meltdowns will be happening--mostly by me, but the kids will probably throw in a couple for good measure!
• My fears: fevers, falls, blood, hospitals, broken anything: glass, dishes, TV, bones, etc.

So, wish me luck and don't worry if I don't pick up the phone when you call. Well, don't worry too much...

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