Monday, March 11, 2013

On My Own: Day 4

I bet you're all wondering if I made it through the weekend.
And believe it or not, it was totally fine, maybe even fun!

Yes, I am only operating on a couple hours of sleep. Yes, I had a couple of visitors stop by (Thanks Sarah and Abby!) And yes, I set the bar extremely low. But I have to say, the weekend was a total success, not to mention, a personal victory.

I followed my friend Jen's chicken nuggets rule (I am not sure if she meant for us to eat them at 9:30AM on Saturday, but in our defense we did eat breakfast at 5:30AM, so....) and left all expectations at the door. And that was it. It was far more simple than I thought it would be.

I think it was mostly due to our lack of schedule. Not having to be accountable made the time our own, there was no rushing or worrying. We just hung out, while Liam ate us out of house and home--the kid ate almost a pound of pasta on Friday night alone, with red sauce and cheese, of course. Not to mention two big bunches of grapes, four bananas, six rolls and countless chicken nuggets and animal crackers--by Sunday I had to order food, there was nothing left! So, I am asking all the moms of boys out there, is this normal? Do I actually need to start the saving account designated for "teenage boy eating" that I have been joking about?

We did do the Nick Jr activities I had talked about on Friday: Bubble Guppie puppets (on straws) and Peppa Pig figures. They provided a fun, little surprise each day. And it was kind of hilarious watching Liam talk in a British accent while making up silly adventures for Peppa and her fam.

And now I am off to gulp down another Emergen-C and grab another cup of coffee before daycare pick up.... after all, Jesse isn't back until late tomorrow night.

*please excuse any typos in this post, I am too tired to proof.....

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