Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gotta Have Friends

Liam & Elliott, one of my fave pics!
So last Monday I was feeling pretty good about myself, I had made it through the weekend impersonating a single parent and was in the home stretch before Jesse got back late-night on Tuesday.

It should have been a sign, I was feeling good, too good, proud even. Because that's when it all fell apart...

Tuesday morning began as a day filled with promise--the promise that Jesse was due home that night. It was pouring rain on our way to daycare, leaving us completely DOA: Drenched On Arrival. {Thanks to this mama's weak, carpal tunnel-ish wrists, I cannot hold the umbrella and push the stroller at the same time, so we just rough it in the rain and no, it's not awesome.}

We had just dropped Connor off when Liam decided it was the perfect time to have an epic meltdown. He tried to run away from me, daring to make it past the gate and into traffic, not once or twice, but three times! After that it gets hazy, there was definitely a shameful moment where I threw my stroller to the side and one of the daycare dads graciously took it in for me--which I was simultaneously grateful for and painfully embarrassed by. And then there was shoe throwing and "I don't need a Mommy or a Daddy, I can do everything myself" ranting. The results? Liam, angry with arms crossed over his chest and me begging him to "go in and have a great day" (yeah, I can't believe I was saying it either, seriously, was I kidding?) all while trying to keep my cool and not cry in front of the other parents.

That's when one of the daycare founders said, "Get Elliott." Now, Elliott is Liam's best friend. They have been together almost every day since Liam was 12 weeks old. When Elliott saw Liam, he gave him a hug and simply said, "I am so happy to see you today." Instantly there was giggling and hugging, and they walked into the room together with arms around each other, while I stood there, mouth hanging open and tears pouring down cheeks.

It was such an incredible moment. I was awestruck to see just how much his friends matter to him already. And seriously, how fantastic is Elliott to know just what Liam needed and how to diffuse that situation? He is such a caring, thoughtful kid--I credit his awesome parents for raising such a compassionate boy. Liam is lucky to have found the Woody to his Buzz Lightyear. 

And this is really just the beginning, isn't it? Our family is important, but our friendships are defining.... I mean, come on, who is he going to complain about his parents to? His friends. Who is he going to go to for advice? His friends. Who is going to help shape him into the man he will become? His friends. {You thought I was going to say parents for the last one, right? While I don't want to diminish our role in his development, I know peer pressure and acceptance is pretty huge at any age.}

So as his mom, I can only say that I hope he finds more and more Elliotts along his journey: supportive, caring individuals who can see past life's tantrums and help lift his spirits when he needs it most. And as for Elliott? Well, he is Liam's best buddy in whole wide world. No matter what adventures are in-store for these two boys, he will always have a special place in Liam's heart (and mine)... to infinity and beyond.

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