Monday, March 4, 2013

A Quick ReCap

So… sorry gang. I am not doing so well with my New Year's Resolution to write every week, huh? It's not for lack of wanting to, it's more about obstacles (kids, work, chocolate) getting in my way. In fact, I write in my head all the time.
Actually you should be relieved (thrilled, perhaps) that you don't get a front row seat to the crazy-lady rantings that go on inside my brain.

Here are some highlights from the 
last 30 days:
• There was a ton of snow, Liam LOVED it. He built a snowman (with a lot of help from Daddy.) Destroyed the snowman. Then ate the carrot nose.

• Connor got two teeth, sadly it hasn't helped him sleep through the night. The child is still up every 90 minutes, huzzah! I just read this article about an 18-month old who hasn't slept through the night yet. Seriously, I am practically hallucinating I am so sleep deprived, I can't imagine 11 more months!

• Liam is fully potty trained. Wait, what? Oh you heard me, the kid is in Batman or Toy Story under-roos every. single. day. Sure, we've had a relapse or three, but it finally clicked!

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