Monday, January 7, 2013

So, 2012....

{A picture of our fridge at home}
I can't believe we are already in 2013....
So to get ready, I'm taking a look back.

Here are some things that happened this year, some things I liked and some things, well… not so much.

Thrilled to welcome Connor McCrery Mumford to the family last July
Attended my first, of what I hope is many, big gay weddings and it was fabulous (Congrats Tom & Michael!) 
Over the ombré, seriously can we please steer stylists toward something else
Happy to be surrounded by an incredible group of families, all raising city kids in Astoria
Horrified by the latest fashion trend: meggings, seriously dudes and leggings… click here to see what I'm talking about—note to stylists: this is not what I meant when I said get rid of the ombré
Humbled by my lack of ability to make another human being use the potty
Discovered that skinny jeans on Liam is adorable while skinnies on me is still plain awful
Relieved that women can still wear leggings (notice I said leggings, not meggings,)
talk about a mama's best friend
Shattered over the events in Newtown, CT, but inspired by the strength and conviction of the parents who lost their little ones
Grateful for the chance to say goodbye before my grandfather passed away on
December 26th

Always thankful for my family's love, my husband's support, my sons' smiles and my friends' laughter

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